Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dre Bly - ALCS - NLCS

I came across a perfectly stated tweet by @RealSkipBayless tonight.

RealSkipBayless I cannot remember an NFL coach ordering a public apology from a player, and little surprised DBly agreed to. That's the power of Singletary.

Skip is right. Singletary commands respect and has earned it. This guy coaches as if he is still roaming the middle of the great Bears defense he played for - that is why I have become a huge fan - not just because he has excellent post game drops. It's a nice change of pace seeing an NFL coach command that his players play the right. Dre Bly didn't cost his team the game, but he sure did cash in on some embarrassment - don't showboat when your team is getting their butts handed to them every each way.

Predictions for the American League Championship Series

  • Yankees in 6
  • 3-Man Rotation works for the Yankees
Prediction for the National League Championship Series

  • Phillies in 7
  • Cole Hamels comes up big - I love that man!

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